Terms and Conditions
Please, read the ICO Terms and conditions carefully before participating in inBet ICO by purchasing inbet.io tokens (IBO) tokens and / or using the inbet platform.


1.1 "Agreement" means the following terms and conditions in respect of which an agreement has been reached between Processing Fusion LTD ("inbet" or "Company") located at 14 Piraeus 2nd Floor, CY-2023 Strovolos Cyprus, Strovolos, Cyprus, which is the issuer of IBO tokens and the owner of a semi-decentralized betting online platform, created for using resources of a blockchain system by customers ("Users"), that is, a private actor or an organization that uses IBO. The company can change these terms and conditions at any time. You accept all changes and updates, using IBO.

1.2 "Blockchain" means a type of distributed ledger, consisting of immutable data in the form of packets, which are called blocks, written in digital form.

1.3. "IBO" means cryptographic tokens, which are inBet smart contracts.

1.4. "Ether" means the crypto currency that is used within Ethereum to accept payment for IBO.

1.5. "Initial Coin Offering" or "ICO" means a limited initial distribution of inBet coins for users who wish to purchase IBO.

1.6. "Smart contract" means an account that includes Ethereum blockchain objects.

1.7. "SpectroCoin" is a platform for pre-sale issue of IBO, located at www.spectrocoin.com .

1.8. "Website" means the site www.inbet.io, which is supported and filled by the Company.


2.1. This agreement obliges the User, on the one hand, and the Company, on the other hand. In the text of the document, each of them individually appears as a "Party", and together - "Parties".

2.2. This agreement describes the main mutual rights and obligations of the Company and the User, which is either a registered user or a visitor of some pages of the site, including purchasing of IBO tokens.

2.3. The User should not use the site if this is prohibited by applicable law. Every user, who is disqualified or is forbidden to purchase, own, transfer or conduct a transaction using any number of IBOs within the framework of the relevant legislation, should not use this site. He or she is also prohibited from accessing, linking or otherwise participating in or using the site.

2.4. This agreement describes the terms and conditions for participation in pre-ICO, ICO, and using of IBO.


3.1. inBet is a betting online platform that uses Ethereum blockchain technology, which allows solving key problems of online betting services, in particular, high margin, low rates, fairness and transparency of the game, stimulation of marketing initiatives based on blockchain.

3.2. inBet operates on the basis of Ethereum smart contracts and introduces a new IBO crypto currency. Due to the use of Ethereum smart contracts, inBet will make the process of payment processing and payoff absolutely transparent. In addition, a smart contract will also be created for transparent statistics.


4.1. IBO tokens can only be purchased during the pre-ICO and ICO periods, set out in this document.

4.2. During the ICO, including the pre-ICO period, the company releases a limited number of IBO tokens, namely 90 million. 75% of tokens will be sold during Pre-ICO and ICO. The price of IBO tokens varies depending on the period when it is purchased. The number of tokens available for purchase by one user is not limited. IBO is created on the basis of Ethereum cryptographic tokens.

4.3. IBO tokens allow the User to play on the inBet platform and use them for betting. In addition, they can be used as an investment asset that has growth potential and can be sold at a higher price at a later stage of the project.


5.1. You need to carefully study, understand, consult with lawyers, carefully weigh all the possible risks described below, as well as read all the other information contained in this document, the White paper, the website and other sources, when deciding on your participation in the ICO. If you participate in the ICO, it is considered that you accept all possible risks described in the agreement, including the possible inability of creating or maintaining the platform.

5.2. inBet is not responsible for any losses that the user incurs at this stage, as well as at the all subsequent ones.


6.1. The site and IBO tokens are provided as supplied, without any warranty specified or implied.

6.2. By participating in the ICO, the User agrees with the terms and conditions and in particular, warrants that:

6.2.1. His / her funds were not received from illegal sources and were not obtained dishonestly; the User does not use the proceeds for illegal or criminal activity; no transaction of IBO tokens promotes criminal or illegal activities;

6.2.2 By entering into this agreement, the user has reached the age of majority, meets all qualification requirements, lives in the territory covered by this agreement, is legally capable and competent to fulfill all the conditions, terms, obligations, confirmations and guarantees set forth in this agreement;

6.2.3 He/she recognizes all the potential benefits, risks and limitations associated with cryptographic tokens (purchase and use), crypto currencies and systems based on the blockchain, and also knows how to manage them. You are entirely responsible for any estimates based on your knowledge;

6.2.4. He/she has the necessary experience and knowledge to deal with cryptographic tokens, crypto currencies and systems based on the blockchain technology, and fully understands their norms and standards;

6.2.5. He/she is responsible for compliance with local, national, state laws regarding participation in ICO and / or the use of CHP tokens. The company is not liable for transactions in territories where such activities are considered illegal.

6.2.6. He/she does not act with the aim to make a speculative investment;

6.2.7. Only he/she is responsible for the decision to purchase IBO.


7.1. Site pages can contain links to third-party websites. These links are provided for your convenience, but their availability does not mean that they are recommended by inBet. In addition, inBet does not guarantee their security and compliance with users' expectations. We are also not responsible for maintaining the relevance of materials from other sites and do not give guarantees regarding a third-party site or service in this context.

7.2. The inBet Ltd does not incur obligations in the event of losses, damages or other consequences, directly or indirectly resulting from the use of the content, goods or services provided by websites or other third party resources.


8.1. All intellectual rights, existing on the platform and/or on the inBet website, in particular, software, know-how, analyzes and programs belong to the Company.


9.1. inBet, as well as employees, directors, agents, joint ventures and suppliers, shall not be liable for any damage arising from or related to the use of the inBet platform, nor for any technical malfunction or interruption in the operation of the platform.

9.2. By participating in the ICO, you acknowledge that the purchase and/or use of the IBO tokens involves a certain risk. You will not hold the company responsible for profits or losses in the issue of these actions.


10.1. This agreement is governed by the law of the British Virgin Islands.

10.2. All disputes and disagreements between the User and the Company under this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations between the Parties. If agreement can not be reached within thirty (30) days, disputes and disagreements are resolved in the court of the British Virgin Islands.

10.3. The Company reserves the right to change the jurisdiction of the Company and this Agreement at any time and in its sole discretion.

10.4. The company reserves the right to register additional legal entities in different countries for obtaining Bookmaker licenses.

10.5. The company reserves the right to change the legal entity responsible for the work of the service in different countries of the world.

10.6. The company reserves the right to change the team personnel without prior approval and prior publication of this information.



Important! In some countries, you can invest in our ICO, but not be able to use these tokens for betting. In this case, you can only invest to work with our tokens on the exchange.
The information set out below does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship and may be incomplete. Despite the fact that we make every effort to ensure that all data on the website is accurate and relevant at this time, the proposed document does not replace the consultations with specialists. Inbet.io does not guarantee or assume any legal responsibility arising from or related to the accuracy, reliability, relevance or completeness of any material contained in this document. Private individuals, intending to invest in the project, should seek advice from an independent specialist before undertaking any of the actions described in this document.

You do not have the right to participate in the public sale of IBO digital assets if you are a citizen, a resident (for tax purposes or otherwise), or a holder of a green card of the United States of America or Singapore or another representative of the United States or Singapore. "A representative of the United States or Singapore" is an individual residing in the United States or Singapore or any institution organized or registered under the laws of the United States or Singapore. US citizens, residing abroad can also be considered as "US representatives" under certain conditions.

If you, using this site, invest in the project, using Chinese, American, Canadian or Singapore IP address, your actions are considered illegal in accordance with the legislation of your country.

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