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Tipster – Terms and Conditions

Tipster League is exclusive to InBet.

The competition takes place every week from Monday to Sunday, and any member with an active InBet account has the possibility to participate.

At the time of writing of the terms and conditions, the Leagues that accept Tips are:

  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • English Premier League
  • Italian Serie A
  • Spanish La Liga
  • Ligue 1 French
  • German Bundesliga
  • League NOS
  • American MLS
  • Brazilian Serie A
  • Brazilian Cup
  • Japanese J1
  • The Australian League
  • Russian Premier League
  • Chinese Super League, and more

By clicking on a calendar game you can see the tips and markets that are possible to bet on for the Tipster League.

A bet placed can have from 1 to 10 units.

Only 1 tip can be placed per game.

All members start with a virtual weekly bankroll of 100 units. If, for example, the member adds a TIp and the profit is 5 units, then its weekly performance is 5%. If on the other hand you lose a tip of 10 units, your weekly performance is -10%.

In case you lose the 100 units, the Member cannot add any more Tips until the following week.

There are no winning limits.

Prizes are €50, €25, and €10 for the first 3 qualifiers of the week, in order.

The prize is awarded as an amount at the partner bookmaker. To receive the prize you should contact the InBet team and tell them which user and email you register on the platform.

After that, the prizes are paid in the space of, no later than 1 week.

Only members who act in good faith are entitled to receive the prizes. As such, members who act in bad faith may include, but are not limited to: members who exploit a failure, or error, without reporting it to the InBet team; Members who keep their activity in the bookmaker to a minimum only to participate in the Tipster League and the rest of the Members Area (As members with an abnormal weekly betting amount); Members with multiple accounts in the Members Area, among others.

InBet, together with the bookmaker reviews all Members entitled to weekly prizes, and reserves the right to have some doubts clarified with the winners, as well as, if doubts are not clarified or the use of the platform in bad faith, the non-payment of the prizes.

Any questions, suggestions or complaints can be made with the usual communication methods of the InBet team.

Any member who, after arriving at the Terms & Conditions page, advances in the process of registering or accessing your account automatically agrees to all Tipster League terms and conditions.

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