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Against Bet on placard. How to calculate for maximum profits


The counter-betting strategy on the placard cannot be left out when it comes to sports betting. Throughout this article we will explain to you what is a counterbet and how you can calculate your maximum profits with this strategy.

Counter-betting is a strategy that applied to the sports betting system allows the player to minimize their losses and increase their profits by recovering a possible defeat in a less successful game.

What’s a counter-bet?

As its name indicates a counter bet on the placard is when in a betting bulletin much of the events in which the player bet were won and only one or two games to win the bet.

In these specific cases, by using the counter bet the player will always be able to win the bet. And why is that?

Because the player will place a new bet on a new newsletter covering the possibilities in TR (final result) of the missing events to win the bet. Does it seem confusing? Below we give you a practical example of how this actually works.

This can be an effective option to reduce losses and increase gains, whenever from the player’s point of view there is a strong probability of not happening to their prognosis. Still, it is necessary to make a pre-match analysis with access to all the data that allows the player to bet as accurately as possible.

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How to Make a Counter Bet on Placard

In this step, we will teach the bettor how this can make a counter bet placard. After making your bet, whether multiple or combined, and only missing one or two games, of the most complicated or uncertain, we advise you to make a counter bet.

The Bulletin above demonstrates two different combined betting bulletins. And let’s assume that the game of Newcastle, V.Setúbal and Córdoba were won. To win the bet the player was dependent on Leicester’s victory.

In this case, as in the Premier League there are many surprises and the league is very competitive the safest would be to make a counter bet on single bet with draw and victory of Everton.

By making the counter bet the player will always guarantee victory in any of the newsletters and is able to increase their winnings.


  • Leicester – 3.22 odd
  • Everton – 2.50 odd
  • Draw – 3.00 odd

By making a counter bet of 10€ in the victory of Everton, the player would get a return of 25 €. On the other hand, when making a counter bet in the draw the same amount, 10×3 = 30€, would get a return of 30€.

And of course, the more you climb the greater the opportunity to maximize your earnings. However, it is important to note that the counter-bet amount must always be higher than that of the first bet.

Advantages of the counterbet ?

The counter bet offers some advantages. Whenever the player feels that a bet may be at risk, making a counter bet will help them not to lose the bet. Also, when this counter bet is made after a good analysis of the game, the probability of maximizing winnings and minimizing losses is great.

The possibility of being able to make a pre-match bet means you’ll always make money whatever the final result. In this case, the bettor will make money with the bet before the game even begins.

Is the counter-bet a good strategy for the placard?

The counter bet on the placard will allow the player greater security when they are in an advantage position to win the bet. However, we only advise you to make a counter-bet at specific times.

As mentioned earlier, when the player is in a position to advantage over the placard, this is the most correct way to take advantage of the counter bet. This can act as a great resource for certain strategies and situations.

However, we do not recommend using this strategy every time you bet because you may lose your effectiveness and thereby increase your losses.


In a moment, and considering the counter bet as a secondary and alternative strategy in your bets, we advise you to be successful follow the tips presented throughout this article.

You should always keep in mind your betting strategy, which should go through a healthy bankroll and resort to the counter-betting system on the placard when possible.

Realizing that the use of counter-stake as a way to reduce losses should be used in order to reduce possible losses.

We continue week after week to bring you the best information about the sports betting market and how you can bet on safety.

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