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Level 0

Introduction to InBetPT

Whatever your knowledge of betting, I'm sure you'll learn from our Faculty of Betting. We will teach you, over more than 80 videos, the A to Z of Sports Betting.

Level 1

Become a Sports Betting Professional

An introductory level with 10 video lessons in which you will learn about Odds, the most important concepts about sports betting, betting with value, how much betting and banking management techniques.


Level 2

Everything About Online Betting

Set x video lessons in which you will learn more about bookmakers, how to avoid making common mistakes in online betting and strategies that will help you get better results:

  • Make the most of face-to-face or 1x2 bets to avoid common mistakes in online betting;
  • How to bet on Over/Under, or Over/Under, based on information that most bettors don't use, which will help you get better results;
  • How to place bets on Handicaps, one of the most professional types of bets on the market;
  • How Asian Handicaps work and why they might be the easiest way to consistently profit;
  • How to place live bets and care to be taken;
  • Combined bets, what are the real odds to place better bets.

Level 3

Markets , Bonuses and Sports Bookmakers

Set of X video lessons on how betting markets, bonuses and bookmakers' odds work:

  • How bookmakers determine the odds and whether they really have a preferred team to win the game or not;
  • What are the most common offers and bonuses, and how to earn bookmakers' bonuses without any risk;
  • All about betting markets: what they are, how they work, how to profit and strategies for short- and long-term success;

Level 4

Sports Betting with Value

Set of X video lessons in which we will explain how to bet with value consistently in Football and Tennis. If any of these sports is your specialty, you'll be able to increase your knowledge and improve your results.

Level 5 - Coming Soon

Predictions and Tips on Betting

Set x video lessons in which we will explain to you the importance of psychology to be a successful bettor:

  • 10 exclusive SUPER tips that will help you improve your bets;
  • How to deal with Reds (lost bets);
  • How to determine, and interpret the performance of teams before making a bet;
  • How professional bettors analyze Over/Under bets.
Faculdade de Apostas
Faculdade de Apostas

Level 6 - Coming Soon

The Way to Be a Betting Professional

Set x video lessons in which we will give a general review of all previous levels to clarify doubts and turn yourself into a successful bettor:

  • Process of converting odds into odds, and converting odds into odds, as well as calculating the commission of the bookmaker;
  • More professional strategy of bankroll management, and how and that we can find value consistently;
  • Automate the process of finding value in a bet, and a type of bets that can bring us guaranteed profits;
  • Like being a professional bettor.


I started betting online with InBet, without any experience, and today I can make a profit and have extra money at the end of the month.

- Joao Almeida


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